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  • Alice Jeske, MS, CCC-SLP

Ready or Not…Nurturing Kindergarten Ready Skills

Kindergarten readiness can be challenging for children with developmental delays that affect communication. As an SLP I have worked with many families during the transition into kindergarten.

Below are skills to consider as you prepare your little one for kindergarten.

  • Before school starts, have a discussion with your child’s teacher and ask to visit the classroom.

  • If your child is in private speech therapy bring a copy of their evaluation report and a recent progress note to share with the teacher.

  • Talk to your child about their new school and point it out when you pass by.

  • Practice your morning routine starting a couple weeks before the first day of school: wake up, get dressed, pack a backpack, go to the car, etc.

  • Prepare for circle time by watching a circle time video on Youtube or visiting your library’s story time.

  • Notice how your child shifts between activities. How do they react to ending a favorite activity, like playing at the park, when you say it’s time to go? If this skill seems challenging, talk to their teacher.

  • Teach your child to ask for a break when they need one. Kindergarten classrooms can get loud and busy at times. Let your child know they can ask for a break by saying “I need a break” or by pointing to a picture.

Kindergarten readiness requires consideration of many different factors, but your child will likely have a team of people ready to support them. Remember to tell the teacher about your child’s challenges with communication. This will help them support language and communication development through kindergarten and beyond.

-Alice Jeske, MS, CCC-SLP



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