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  • Amber Farris MS., CCC-SLP

Using Common Toys to Support Language Development

Play is how your child learns best. Here are some helpful tips on how to use common toys to help promote and support language growth during play!


- Turn taking: "my turn" vs. "your turn" stacking blocks up

- Model functional single words: "more", "up", "down"

- Model exclamations: "boom!", "crash!", "woah!"

- Following directions: "Put the red block on top" or "knock down the tower!"

Toy Vehicles:

-Environmental play sounds: "woo-woo", "beep- beep"', "honk!"

-Making choices: "Do you want the car or the plane?"

-Modeling two word phrases: "plane up", "car go", "in train"

-Pretend play: put cars night-night or go to the carwash

Mr. Potato Head:

- Labeling and/or identifying simple body parts: "lips" or "find the nose"

- Using descriptive words (colors, number, shape, size) : "red lips", "round nose", "big ears"

- Modeling plural -s: "two eyes", "two ears", and "two arms"

- Model pronouns: "She has a yellow hat" or "He wants blue shoes"

Don't forget to have fun!

-Amber Farris MS., CCC-SLP


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