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  • Meredith Lamb M.S., CF-SLP

Speech and Language Activities for Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I love celebrating this holiday in speech therapy sessions by doing fun, easy, theme-oriented crafts or activities! Here is an example of a craft that is simple but can be used to support your child’s speech and language skills in a variety of ways:

If your child is working on speech sounds, you can pick several words with your child’s target sound and write them on each heart of the caterpillar. You can then encourage your child to say the word(s) that are written down while you color, cut, or glue the hearts.

If your child is working on following verbal directions, this can be a great opportunity to give them multi-step directions while putting together the craft and modeling vocabulary such as: first, next, then, last, next to, in front, above, under, behind, etc. This can also support their ability to sequence the steps that are needed to complete a task.

This craft is also not limited to only making a “heart” caterpillar! Ask your child if they want to make a different animal/bug/object out of hearts and you can describe what you need to do differently in order to make that picture.

These are just a few ideas that can make home practice really enjoyable and engaging for your child, however, there are endless opportunities to teach speech and language skills at home. Remember to always have fun, and feel free to share your creative ideas!

-Meredith Lamb MS. CF-SLP



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