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  • McKenzie Rushcamp, M.A. CCC-SLP

Let's Make Meals More Exciting!

Adding a component of novelty at mealtime can be a wonderful way for you to change up the most routine meals to make them a little more exciting. Here are a few tips you can implement right away!

1. Deconstruct a prepared meal. Instead of putting a sandwich in front of your child, try putting all the components in a small bowl and let them choose what pieces they want. For example: you might put out peanut butter, jelly, and bread and your child can help you construct the meal or they can eat the components individually. This is also really great for cooked items like lasagna, pasta, and breakfast items like yogurt bowls or omelets.

2. Use unexpected food containers. If your child is not usually interested in a certain food, try putting some of it in a cupcake liner or a mini bowl on their plate. Some other ideas are: cupcake tins, cleaned and reusable takeout containers, little jars, child safe toothpicks, or silicone mats.

3. Make things with food. There are so many items you can make with food from construction vehicles to faces that your child will love! Maybe before a meal, when you have a little more time, ask your child what they want to make out of their food and have them help you pick out materials from the fridge/pantry. They will be happy to be involved and more likely to experiment with less preferred foods. I like the book Foodie Faces by Bill and Claire Wurtzel for inspiration for silly faces.

Have fun incorporating novelty into your meals! - McKenzie Rushcamp MA CCC-SLP


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