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  • Amber Farris MS., CF-SLP

The World of Therapy

You've probably heard of rehab or rehabilitation, but have you heard of habilitative therapy?

Rehabilitative therapy is the regaining of skills or functions that have been lost due to an injury or medical event. Habilitative therapy is for individuals who have not yet developed a skill set, and need help learning, keeping and improving these skills that otherwise are not developing normally. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Physical Therapists (PTs) all provide services in the areas of rehabilitation and habilitation. Below are the roles of the different therapists and the areas we provide support:

SLPs help to improve:

-Speech intelligibility: correcting a lisp, helping a child say their Rs, etc.

-Receptive and expressive language skills: forming grammatically correct sentences, using correct pronouns, answering a variety of WH questions, etc.

-Social communication skills: taking turns, greeting peers, having a conversation, etc.

-Cognitive communication skills: attention difficulties, memory problems, and issues with problem solving

-Fluency Disorders: aka: stuttering

-Feeding and swallowing skills: help improve the ability to suck, chew, and swallow food and liquids

OTs help to improve:

- Sensory,

social, behavioral, motor and environmental issues

-Fine motor skills: helping to grasp and release toys, improve/develop handwriting, etc.

-Self care routines: brushing teeth, bathing, getting dressed, etc.

-Sensory issues: high or low activity levels, impulsivity, difficulty regulating and/or calming oneself, etc.

-Social-emotional skills: manage emotions, connect with others, solve conflicts, etc.

PTs help to improve:

-Mobility concerns including: weakness, decreased flexibility, poor posture, difficulty walking, coordination issues, etc.

-Gross motor activities: rolling over, sitting up, standing, running, jumping, etc.

-Coordination, balance deficits, and decreased core strength

Some people benefit from just one of these therapies and others benefit from a combination of two or all three of them! Ask your therapist about SLP, OT, and PT if you have any questions, we would love to help!


- Amber Farris MS., CCC-SLP


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